Thursday, 15 December 2016

Ash and Cinders in print . . . and The Gabriel Church Tales soon as an e-book boxset.

The final book in The Gabriel Church Tales available today in paperback: 

Ash and Cinders

In this nail-biting conclusion to the tales of serial killer Gabriel Church, the stakes are higher than ever before now that Gabe put himself in the cross-hairs to protect his lover at the conclusion of Torn and Frayed.


“It’s just the devil’s share. When life evens itself out and every bad guy gets what’s coming to em’ . . . it’s one of the few balancing things life really offers.”
Gabriel Church has done a bad, bad thing . . . and normally that doesn’t bother him too much. But everything changed when he met Christian Maxwell. Chris became his unholy grail. The thing he sought more than any other treasure, yet still a priceless pearl beyond his reach. Nothing he does seems to solidify any prospect of them being able to remain together, to live that happily-ever-after story. Even if he were to make a promise to stop his killing in the name of God, it would still only be a salty futility to wet and tempt his lips.

Christian Maxwell discovered a damaged soul inside Church, with a goodness plumbed somewhere below the visible surface. He saw pain shadowing his killer like some trailing footprint left moist in the sand. But he failed to recognize each victim, or the costs of every action the fugitive took for granted. He simply pushed those faceless victims to the dark recesses of his mind, hiding them from plain view as if they were discarded things, recollections intentionally forgotten.

The one thing Church knows with certainty is the writer is the only person who really knows him, and the only man other than himself who possibly understands where they are both headed. But life is about to get more twisted and dangerous. It begins with a back woods Deputy Sheriff and that same ill-fated chance that always prevented him from slowing down his pace or finding a peaceful place to rest with Chris Maxwell by his side.

Ash and Cinders
$5.99 e-book
$15.99 paperback

Rubble and the Wreckage $4.99
Torn and Frayed $4.99



And e-book:


And get ready for The Gabriel Church Tales all together in one place. E-book boxset available January 5, 2017. Details soon . . .

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