Frequently Asked Questions for Readers and Authors:

Q.  Where will I be able to buy copies of your books?
A.  Our e-books are available from the Driven Press online shop and also available from the main electronic bookstores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBook Store, Kobo, and many more regional online bookstores.
Our print books can be purchased from the same online stores. We are continuously working on finding other distribution channels.

Q.  Will I be able to use my e-book purchase on more than one device?
A.  Yes. Driven Press does not have DRM (digital rights management). This means purchasers can buy one format and use it on multiple devices. Note: some sellers require DRM (e.g. Kobo)

Q.  What formats can I buy your e-books in?
A.  Our e-book formats are: mobi for kindle; ePub for Nook, Apple iBooks, and others; and PDF.
Q.  I am having a problem with downloading an e-book from your store, what should I do?
A.  The confirmation email sent by our digital shop provider, Content Shelf, contains instructions on what to do if you have a problem.  If you cannot resolve the matter following those instructions, please email us at info@drivenpress.net and we will resolve the problem asap.

For Authors:

Q.  As an author, do I have to pay you to publish my book?
A.  No. Driven Press is a full-service publisher, and we don't require an author to pay money to publish with us. Publishing agreements are only offered on manuscripts based on their merit. We assume all costs in the process to publication, including editing, cover art, and marketing.
Note: An author may wish to organise promotional activities in addition to the ones we offer, and those costs would be borne by the author.

Q.  Will you pay me an advance on my manuscript?
A.  No. Driven Press will not be offering authors any advances on manuscripts at this time. Payment will be via royalties at 45% of net receipts, paid quarterly.
Q.  How long will you hold the rights to my manuscript?
A.  Driven Press will hold the electronic, print and audio rights of books we contract for a period of 3 years from the date of publication, with  options thereafter.

Q.  What editing happens to my manuscript before publication?

A.  All manuscripts undertake our 3-stage editing process. Please see Submission Guidelines for full details. 

Q.  How do you market and advertise the books you sell?
A.  Driven Press will target literary and genre fiction publications for review and promotions. We also use social networking sites for advertising. Driven Press has Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Blogger pages. We will also cross-market on book sites like Goodreads and BookLikes, and make all effort to get our books talked about and reviewed on the many blogs and forums available. As an incentive for readers there will be promotions and forums to encourage readers to buy BDP books.
Q.  I have my own cover already made for my novel. Will I be able to use it on my book if I publish with you?
A.  No. Driven Press has an experienced team that will work with you to design a cover that will complement your book perfectly. There are, though, always exceptions to the rule. If your cover has been professionally designed we may consider it. Please discuss this with your editor if your manuscript is accepted for publication.
Q.  Why should I consider publishing with such a new publisher?
A.  We are a new imprint of the BK Publishing Trust, but our romance imprint, Bottom Drawer Publications, has been in the market for a few years now. BK Publishing Trust is a small publisher but growing. We are passionate about what we are doing. We will work harder for you because it is in our best interest to do so. We want our business to succeed, and we realize that the only way this will occur is if the books we publish are successful. At Driven Press you will not get lost among the masses and be just another "new author."
Q.  If I send a submission, will I get a response from you regardless of whether you accept my manuscript?
A.  Absolutely. Every submission will be responded to. You will receive confirmation that we have received your submission within 7 days, then you will hear from us within 12 weeks about whether your manuscript has been successful or not. Even if your manuscript is rejected, we will let you know.
Q.  If my manuscript is rejected, will I be able to rework it and submit it again?
A.  No. Sorry. If we feel a manuscript to be worthy of rewrites we will ask the author to do so as part of our submissions process. If we say no, we cannot accept that manuscript again. If your manuscript is rejected, please consider submitting other manuscripts for consideration with Driven Press.

If you have any questions we've not covered here, please email us at info@drivenpress.net

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