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We are excited to announce the first two releases for Driven Press, the brand new imprint of BK Publishing.

Driven’s first two exciting releases are from Gary Starta and Rodd Clark, both authors crossing genre lines with their books. Starta’s Coalescence crosses science fiction with the paranormal, and Clark’s Rubble and the Wreckage is an enthralling erotic thriller with LGBT tones.

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Gabriel Church knows you can’t take a life without first understanding just how feeble life is, how tentative and weak it stands alone. If you desire murder, you hold a life in your hand. Whether you release it to grant life or grip tighter to end it, it is at your command and discretion.

Gabriel is a serial killer with a story he wants told.

Christian Maxwell studied abnormal psychology in college but chose instead to focus on a career in writing. His background comes in handy when he thinks of writing about a serial killer. He can’t think of anyone more qualified to write the story of Gabriel Lee Church, and do so in the murderer’s own words. It’s been done before, but never with a killer who has yet to be captured or convicted.

There was never anything more than a gentleman’s understanding between the two men that Christian would record Gabriel’s life story. The killer did not ask for his complicity in any crimes, nor did he ever ask for his silence. Christian’s interest in the man, though, is fast becoming something more than academic. When the writer and his subject become unexpected friends and then lovers, the question remains: What is Gabriel’s endgame . . . and why does he want his story told?

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Iris Camden thought she knew who her family was even if they weren’t always forthcoming. Her half sister is a medium reeling from the loss of her biological mother. Her estranged father is an obsessed government worker who cannot reveal what he does. When an artifact appears in a ghost hunting expedition, Iris is the last person who wants to believe in aliens.

Iris is angered by the claims of a ghost who warns of an outer-space threat. She turns to a UFO chasing scientist for answers, and Mitchell becomes convinced an alien plague in the form of light will cause a rapid evolution making humans susceptible to enemy suggestion. He is also certain her father may be part of a huge conspiracy and should not be made aware of the artifact.

The dark secrets of her family’s past begin to unravel, and Iris will be forced to consider fantasy as reality and take the ultimate risk to save those she loves.
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Driven Press books will be available in e-book formats (ePub, mobi for kindle, and PDF) and paperback from our website and all the main on-line bookstores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Google Books, OmniLit, as well as localised bookstores via our distributor.

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